Now is your time to continue the Saint James’ legacy for children and families yet to enter our doors.

Our campaign goal is $2,245,000. Please remember pledges may be paid over a three year period.

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The CONNECTED Capital Campaign will build the foundation for the future. Now is our time.

Two hundred years ago, a faithful few stepped out and established Saint James' Episcopal Church here in Warrenton. One hundred and fifty years later, another generation boldly added an educational wing with little idea of the connections that would be sewn. In 2017, the church and school are alive and bustling seven days a week. Now is our time. The need is squarely in front of us:

  1. Elevator, ramps, a lift, and ADA-compliant, family-friendly bathrooms will allow anyone to access the church and school.
  2. Our music programs will grow and thrive with space designated for storage and practice.
  3. Larger and more modern classrooms will enable creative instruction and optimal class sizes.
  4. Larger offices will provide more adequate office and meeting space.
  5. Our flower and altar guilds will flourish with space customized for the work required of these ministries.

We are building the foundation for Saint James' to be a relevant and vital force for good for countless people yet to enter our doors. Just imagine the transformative connections waiting to be made.

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